Science Olympiad, Thursday, May 13, 2004

At Science Olympiad Jake and I did one can race. To me, it went farther than I thought! Just in case we got Jake's mom to get some back up rubber bands. Even though we didn't win anything, Jake and I had fun.  I did "Get your bearings". That was about using a compass and finding things.  …Shane, grade 5

Yesterday I went to Science Olympiad. I did the color wheel, in the measure, and mystery boxes. I did other stuff too. It was really fun. Everyone who participated got a white ribbon. …Brooke Ann, grade 5

Science Olympiad was at Kennedy this year. I didn't win anything besides a ribbon, but if you did at least one event you got a ribbon. I got 8 events done. This year they had an event called the can race. You had to make it at home. It was a can with a winded up rubber band inside it. Then you let it go and it should start moving. The person that went the farthest won. Mine went pretty far, but not the farthest. …Ryan, grade 5

In Science Olympiad we did the Can Race. Our can went much farther than we expected. My partner was Shane. My mother, dad and little sister came to watch the Can Race. They thought the race went pretty well. Also I did the math contest and Get Your Bearings. They were extremely fun and challenging.  I plan to do Science Olympiad again next year because I enjoyed this year. …Jake, grade 5

Yesterday I went to Science Olympiad. I didn't win anything, but it was still fun. I really liked doing the events. My favorite was the pentathalon. I forgot what my score was, but it was fun.  It was kind of a rainy day, but the sun was out at the beginning. There was a concession stand and I had a hot dog and some juice. ..Maeve, grade 5

Yesterday I went to Science Olympiad. It was pretty fun. I got to do six out of 11 things. The hardest was the math quiz thing. I just took guesses because it isn't going on my report card and I'm not getting a grade on it. The end was fun and loud. Everyone began screaming even tho they didn't know who won. I also won a prize out of 200 or 300 people. The things that were it were pens, jell pens, notebook water ball, play dough, and a pencil. I had a wonderful time. …Jared, grade 5

I won an AM/FM radio in the grand prize drawing. When they called my name about 30 girls screamed. Only one person in Division 2 won a medal. I was the fastest in Onekama for Pentathalon. My cousin won a mystery bag. …Tommy, grade 5

My favorite thing was Structures.  I won a metel in Structures.  I hope we get to do it next year.  ~Mikayla J., grade 4.

  I won a medal in the Barge competition.  I got third place.  I hope we do it agen next year.  I had fun.  ~ Mariah H. ., grade 4


Science Olympiad was quite fun, but it was also hard. I had a hard time finding a place to start, so I started at the station that my dad worked at. He worked at Barge Building. We made the barge out of tin foil. We had to make it so wouldn't sink when you added pennies.  I added 47 pennies and then it sank. Maeve got 61 pennies in her barge. My dad thought it was a good event. I did too. …Paul, grade 5

I competed in the Eyes Have It.  The Eyes have it is where you have to guess what is in the picture.  I didn’t do very good, but I still had fun.   ~ Brandon M., grade 4

  My favorite thing was Structures.  I really like it.  It was my favorite one this year.  I hope science olmpia is next year.  ~ Erin B. ., grade 4

Yesterday four people from our class went to Science Olympiad. When we first got there we played for about 30 minutes before we got to go play the games. Nathan was my partner. My favorite game we did was structures. In structures each person would get 25 straws and some tape and we had to build the highest tower we could make. After we did structures, Nathan and I went to Estimania. Estimania was where you had to estimate how many things were in a jar or how much something weighed and things like that. Then we did three more things and we ran out of time so we went to the tent and we got our medals and prizes. I was the only one to get a medal in our fifth grade so I am glad I went. …Yumi, grade 5

At Science Olympiad they shot off three rockets. The Rocket Club at Kennedy had made them. The rockets shot way over the trees and got stuck.

I'm glad my mother put Science Olympiad on Thursday this year. More people came. I think 300 kids came. I couldn't have come on Saturday because of wrestling. I'm glad Mrs. Sanderson helped us at practice ahead of time because then we knew what we were going to do when we got there. …Nolan, grade 5

Yesterday, after school the people who signed up for science Olympiad were going. First we played on the playground. Then we all got on the bus to go to Kennedy School, because that’s where it was. Getting to Kennedy school was very exciting. The people who went were Ryan, Nolan, Jared, Nathan, Tommy, Shane, Jake, Mave, Yumi, Brooke Ann, and me. They had so much food and candy and drinks. I had so much fun there. I am going next year too. That had many awards and ribbons. ….Lexi, grade 5

Science Olympiad was fun. I didn't win anything though I was Yumi's partner. We only did five activities. My favorite was the arowdinamics. My airplane flew fifty some feet. Are tower was fifty some inches. …Nathan, grade 5

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