Rosco the Clown Visited Onekama Elementary 
May 6, 2004


I think Rosco was great! He came to our school to show us some tricks and make us laugh. My favorite part was when Rosco made a short song out of my name. I think everyone enjoyed it. My sister Cady was a volunteer. I thought is was fun…Sean L.,grade 4

When Rosco the clown was in the library he was great. He was making us funny jokes. Some of them were real good ones. I was laughing through the whole show. He even did some magic tricks. I hope he comes again…Nolan, grade 4

Rosko the clown was very fun and outgoing. I think that we all liked all the jokes and tricks that he did. Rosco got almost everybody laughing. He was absolutely great!…Lindsay, grade 4

Rosco the clown came to our school to teach us about books. He was the best clown ever…Alison, grade 4

Rosco was funny, he made us all laugh so much. I wish he could come everyday to put a smile on our faces. I learned when we read we can lean more. grade 4

Rosco the clown was fun and funny! I liked a lot of the jokes….Danielle, grade 4

Middle Schoolers also enjoyed visiting with Rosco