of Onekama Elementary help the younger students on the playground.

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also help in the cafeteria by eating with the younger students and helping them with any problems. 

Peacemakers open milk cartons and clean up spills. They talk to the children in a friendly way.

Peacemakers make sure students take turns and keep safe. If a student is injured the Peacemaker tells an adult.

Being a Peacemaker

Being a peacemaker is a privilege. All the fourth graders at Onekama El. get peacemaker training. Last year Ms. Chris Wassermann trained our class. She told us what to do if someone is hurt or if they are bulling or getting bullied. She gave us situations that we had to act out and solve.

After about two weeks of training we get to wear the safety vest and help the kids. We go with the little kids and eat lunch with them then we go to recess with them. We also go outside with them at afternoon recess. Being a peacemaker is fun and exciting

Being a Peacemaker

Being a peacemaker helps you learn how to take care of kids. It also helps you feel better about yourself because all of the little kids look up to you. Being a peacemaker is also fun. You get to play with all of the kids and have lots of fun. I like being a peacemaker because I like helping kids.

In school the two oldest grades of the elementary do peacemakers. There are two 4th grade classes and two 5th grade classes. Every week we take shifts between classes. So for three weeks my class doesn’t have peacemakers, but when our week comes around I am ready to help. I like peacemakers.

Each September a new group of Peacemakers is trained. Miss Chris began the Peacemaker tradition seven years ago.

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Here Miss Chris is using a student made poster to remind fourth graders how to treat their young charges. Nick speaks for the class when he says, "Peacemakers are to help little kids not to break rules and not to be bad. Help them share the toys. Being a peacemaker is going to be fun!"

Peacemakers supervise lunchtime & playtime.

Brooke Taylor

Having to be a peacemaker is a lot of work. You have to be careful with the kids. You can not just sit around and do nothing. You have to play with them that is why they go to the gym. When a kid is all alone you have to go ask him to play. It is not a very easy job but it is worth it. It is because you can make people happy and it can get you a job and it makes you good with kids. It might help someday when you need it the most.

We have to go to the office before you are peacemaker you first start if you need to know what to do. When we started we had no idea what peacemakers were so Mrs. Chris told us. It was really hard and it took a lot of work and energy. Running around you get so tired that you have to stop. Sometimes the little kids will stop with you. We have to stay out with them we are back with are friends. We wear yellow and orange vests. Sometimes if you looked out at them a little ways away they are really bright. We took turns like it would be one class then the other class and so on. When you our outside with the kids they will them and look up to you as family as friends. So you must always be caring and helpful.

I love peacemakers and I would never give it up.

The Fifth Grade Peacemakers with Rep. Palsrock
May 21, 2004


       One good thing I did while I was a peacemaker was bring my sister, Faith Nichole , to the office because she was playing on the round mats in the gym and she fell off. When she feel off she landed on her stomach and then she told me that her stomach hurt. So I took her to the office and she got an ice pack. After that she felt a little better and played with me the rest of the recess.

        I felt proud when I took my sister to the office because she would feel better later. Also she would know what to do if it happened again. Taylor said, “I felt good when there was a little girl in kindergarten that didn’t have anybody to play with at lunch recess, so I played with her. I am glad the teachers trust us to watch out for the kids younger than us. I feel proud about getting an award. 

The Peacemaker Award

        Being a peacemaker can be hard. When your trying to get the young 5’s through the second graders to follow directions when you tell them to do something. So being a peacemaker to me can be fun and hard. Logan said, "I like being a peacemakers, because I like to take the little kids down to the gym and play with them. The fun parts are when you eat with them, when you play with them, and when you walk with them to their classroom.

         The things that I have done well are when I stopped these two little kids from having a fight. And when a little girl was running down the big hill and she scarped her face on the basketball court, and then I took her to the office quickly, and felt very good about it.


        I like being peacemaker. It is a lot of fun. I like taking little kids to the gym from the lunchroom. The little kids look up to us and I like that. I do peacemaker once every 4 weeks on a Tuesday.

        On May 21, 2004, Rep. Palsrok came to our school and we got to get our picture taken with him. He presented us with an award that looked like a star. He was a very nice person I would like to get my picture taken with him any time again. Michael said, ”I like helping little kids get balls form the bleachers.”

Peace Maker
Michael S.

        Our fifth grade class has been peacemakers for two year. Our job is to help younger kids. We help them with the school rules and help them if they are hurt. We are role models for them. Jeremy said, “This is a great job for us.”

        Two years ago I was on patrol outside. Then I saw two kids wrestling on the ground. They were fighting for a ball. I stopped the fight and took them to the office. So it is a responsible job.

Peace Makers

Michael M.

Being a Peacemaker is a lot it is fun. I like it when we get to go out side because we get extra recess . I like helping the little kids, it make feel good in side.

My favorite part of peacemakers is getting balls from the bleachers. We have been doing peacemakers for a while. Peacemakers is a lot fun. Lexie said, ” I like playing basketball with the little kids."


        I feel that Peacemakers are a good thing to have around. Peacemakers help the grownups watch the little kids. Todd said, ”I like to take kids to the office for an ice pack when they get hurt.”

        We got to have our picture taken with representative Palzrok. We got a trophy for having peacemakers in our group. I feel peacemakers are a good organization. I am glad to be a peacemaker.

Being a Peacemaker

A few good things I did during peacemaker duty was when I helped a little girl that fell on the cement on the basketball courts and got her knee scraped up so I had to take her to the office to get a band aid for her knee. Another thing I did was I played with a girl who didn’t have any one to play with at recess or any one to sit with at lunch. This is what Ashlie said about peacemakers, “I felt good when Alexa in Kindergarten didn’t have anyone to play with at lunch recess, so I played with her.”

        I feel proud because the 5th and 4th graders have done such a good job being peacemakers. I think we made a difference being peacemakers by taking care of the little kids at lunch, lunch recess, and afternoon recess. These are some reasons why I am proud of being a peacemaker.


        One good thing I did when I do peacemakers was helping the little kids when they are hurt.  I like helping them because I don't want them to cry. Another thing I do is eat with them.  We eat with them so if they need help opening something up we can help them. I am glad we do peacemakers.

        I feel happy when I do peacemakers because we are helping for the Common Good. I also feel proud because we are older and modeling for the little kids. Here is what Taylor has to say about being a peacemaker, "I love to be a peacemaker because I love to help little kids." My favorite part about being a peacemaker is playing with them in the gym. I like playing with them because it is fun to be pulled around by little kids. I wish we could be peacemakers forever.


Peacemakers are fun. I like to play basketball with the little kids. I like to get the balls off the bleachers. I also like to play tag with the little kids. I really like to play soccer with them too. Michael S. said, “Peacemakers is fun because you get to help people, and also gives the children to meet different kids and play different games.”

I have to help the little kids. I have to look out for them to. I have to make sure they don’t get hurt. If they get hurt I have to make sure they get to an adult.



Last Friday Rep. Paslrok came in to grant us a reword for peacemakers. The trophy is really neat. It had a big shiny star on the trophy.

        Doing peacemakers is sort of fun because you get to eat with the little kids. You also get to have two recesses with them. One recess you get to cut half of science. Jeremy said, ” It’s sort of fun because they bring your lunch box.”

        Also peacemakers make sure little kids are safe. Once one person got hurt and I had to take her down to the office. Then when I came back another person was hurt so I had to take him down. Then when I came back I had to take one more person down. I was exhausted. That’s how we make sure kids are safe.


The fifth grade class have been peacemakers for two years now. Sometimes it can be hard and easy. It can be fun or it can be boring to sit and wait for something to happen. Being a peacemaker teaches you responsibilities.

In the gym and out side we play with the kids. Jared said,” I don’t like peacemakers because you can’t sit with our friends.” If we are playing and some ones gets hurt we stop playing and help them. It pays off being a peacemaker sometimes. That is what the peacemakers do.


I feel good to be a peacemaker because I can help the little kids. The reason is I like to watch the little kids and boss the little kids. I like to help the little when they get hurt. When they get in trouble I take them to the office and then I go back and watch the other little kids.

I don’t like to be a peacemaker some times. The reason why I don’t like to be a peacemaker is because all of the little kids chase me around. And some times it is very annoying. But some times it is fun. Taylor said she has a fun time when she is a peacemaker. 


        Rep. Palsrack came in last Friday.  He showed us the Peacemaker Award.  Nathan said, “he likes to help little kids when they get hurt.”

        Being peacemaker is hard work because you have to take little kids to the office and back down to the gym.  The easy part is getting basketballs down for the little kids.  Lots of little kids like me being because they want me to go with them to the gym.

Peace makers

We’ve been doing peacemakers for a year now. We hardly get in trouble. One good thing I did was that I helped Hunter find his glasses and fixed them. Then he gave me a dollar and told me to keep it. So I did. We then played a game of tag. I won then we played a game of basketball. We had a tie Ashley said, "I felt good when I bringing my little sister in the office when she got hurt."