Garden Spirits:
The Spirit of the Woods Garden Club honored the Onekama School Children's Garden
as the Garden of the Month

On Wednesdays, Kid's members become Garden Spirits. July 9, students set all of Mr. Kudlack's Kindergarten Stepping Stones. To do all of them from 8-11 a.m. was quite a feat! Students found out it is HARD work. Winning The Spirit of the Woods Garden Club of the Month Award

The Children’s Garden

The Children’s Garden at Onekama Consolidated Schools is blooming through the efforts of students, community members, and community organizations. The garden is located in the courtyard west of the elementary wing. One of the goals of The Children’s Garden is to create an outdoor classroom for all students to enjoy and use to learn in all seasons of the year. At various times of the day, students can be seen observing nature, reading and writing stories, and sketching. A piano recital took place in the garden this past spring.

Another goal of The Children’s Garden is to educate students in a variety of academic and school-to-work skills related to gardening. Students in grades K-12 have to develop the garden through various service learning projects. Beginning in the year 2000, high school students along with community members applied skills learned in woodshop class to help build seven raised flowerbeds. Middle school students shoveled pea gravel and topsoil into the beds. For the last three years, kindergarten students have created stepping-stones for a garden path. School-to-Work students worked on important teambuilding skills by working together to make several garden benches. The Community Kids’ Club has built a garden shed, installed the stepping-stones, and has helped with garden maintenance in the summer. An after-school garden club, called the Garden Spirits, was formed to plant and help maintain The Children’s Garden.
...Miss Bishop, July 2003

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Club members are pleased with the award.

The Children's Garden is in full bloom.

And now it is back to work..

The Children's Garden, under the direction of Miss Edie Bishop, began in the spring of 2000

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