Onekama Elementary is Celebrating Dr. Seuss Month During March 2004

The birthday celebration was our "kick off" for March Reading Month. 
Events included
A Visit from Dr. Seuss Making "Cat in the Hat" Hats Door Decorating Making Hats and Reading Books / Wacky Wednesday / More Wacky Wednesday / Green Eggs and Ham Breakfast / The Cat in the Hat Visits

Dear Dr. Seuss, I love all the books you made. I like Hop on Pop the best. I hop you have a good birthday. 
..Mitchel, grade 2

Dear Dr. Seuss, Happy birthday. I like your books a lot I'm a big fan of you. Your books are wonderful. ...Sam, grade 2

1. Happy 100th birthday Dr. Seuss. 2. You've inspired me and my reading. 3. You've made my reading more fun. 4. You're one of my favorite athers. 5. I like how you'r books ryume. 6. My favorite is The Foot Book. 
Haley, grade 2

I hope you have a nice birthday Dr. Sauss. I think your doors are the best. Thank you for riting lots of childrins books. I hop you have a nice day on your birthday. 
...Natasha, grade 2 

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss. Thank you for makeing The Cat in The Hat. I wish you a Happy Birthday. 
...Brandon, grade 2

<--- During the month many Dr. Seuss activities are planned. Here Teachers are drawing for the "door decorating" contest.

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!