Dance Group Performs


When I go to dance every Monday and Wednesday I do ballet, tap, jazz, and gymnastics. My favorite class is gymnastics, I like this class because I get to do back handsprings, one handed cartwheels, and a whole lot of other stuff. My favorite thing about dance is getting to know lots of other kids, some of the kids I met was Logan, Crysee, Ashley, Mallory, and Alyssa. Our recital for this year was in May. When we did the recital we had to put on make-up and wear full costume. I am so glad I do dance.

This year I get to go on Pointe in the summer. I will be getting my Pointe shoes at Studio 101. The kinds of Pointe shoes we are not supposed to get are the split sole shoes, and not get gel kinds of protectors for your toes. The reason I had to wait to go on Point shoes until the summer was you have to be at least 11 before you can go on Pointe. Taylor, Ashley, and Sylvia will be going on Pointe shoes this summer with me. I am really glad I get to go on Pointe.


A couple weeks ago the dance program that I joined, danced for the elementary. Some middle school and high school kids were there too though. Although I am only in ballet she let me go up with the jazz people, we just did sotes across the floor, and Grande jetes back.

The older girls that danced with us did some of their dances that they preformed in the dance performance at the Manistee High School. It was really fun. I love to dance.