Harmony in the Park

Anja, Katlyn, Kailani, Sherece, and Alex

...at Onekama

Jon, fifth grade percussionist, joined the Rockin' Oldies Band!

The Middle School Student Council set up a face painting booth. We raised money for the Manistee County Historical Society.

The Onekama Children's Chorus, made up of students from grades 3-8, sang a medley of songs in a performance for the school.

Alex went up on stage to show everyone how to twist.

Jon showed his talent on stage.

Sabrina, Courtney, and Kaylyn

Everyone had a great time moving and groovin' to the music of the early Rock & Roll era.

Harmony in the Park, a day of celebration and gratitude for those who have served our school and community took place Friday, May 23.

Great music was provided by blues artist, Robert B. Jones, and Rich Eddy's Rockin' Oldies Band. Our very own Middle School Band and the Onekama Children's Chorus did a great job performing.

Faith was in the finals for the hula hoop contest.

Sam and Sam enjoyed dancing to the oldies.

Haley, Aleya and Mitchel loved the music.

Jamie, Emily and Natasha danced and danced!

Samantha, Janique and Faith had a fun day.

Haley was dressed in red white and blue. She even wore American flag tights! The "park" was filled with red, white & blue.

In preparation for Harmony in the Park, The Middle School Student Council sponsored a "Freedom Poster Contest."

Joe, and other Leo Club members were recognized by the Onekama Lions Club. This group has served the community all year.

Students were asked to think about the theme of "Freedom" and what freedom means to each of them. The first place prize was awarded to Alyssa Cole, second place to Jamie Herbert, and third place to Jayelynne Jones. Honorable mentions included the artwork of Ryan Cederholm and Lucie Salyer.

This event was sponsored by the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs, the Traverse Area Arts Council, Michigan Learn and Servce, the Village of Onekama.

Onekama Childrens Chorus sang their last performance of the school year: a folk song called the Ladybug by Brahms, and "So Long Farewell" from Oscar and Hammerstein's The Sound of Music.

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