When we made centers for the classes on the 100th day of school, we did it for the common good. We shared the centers equally and we had enough for everyone to work with.

We made 100 link chains and worked in partners. We stapled pink, purple and red strips together. There was a math center. You had to figure out the answers to 100 math problems. "It was hard for me," said Kaitlin. "I finished it and I felt happy." We sponsored the 100 stamps activity. We had to stamp 100 stamps on a skinny, long piece of paper. I felt good about it because it was fun to do. I used different stamps. I liked the stars the most. We had to use 100 pieces of cereal on a string. We tied a knot with the two ends to make the necklace. We got to eat it; it was good.

Jordan said, "I wasn't there because I was in Florida." I felt good too. Justin's favorite was when he got to make necklaces out of fruit cereal. "I had fun eating it," said Justin with a grin on his face. "I can still taste it!" It was fun making a chain because we got to staple it with a partner. We did not argue. We took turns," Brandon added. Sierra liked it when she counted the rings on the tree trunks. "I was very careful with the one that broke." Lauren said, "I liked to make the necklace with 100's Day on it. We got to put stickers on it."

Brittany liked all the centers because, "They were interesting to do!" All the centers were exciting," Sierra said with a smile.

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