We Chose Between 7 Books

The Baby BeeBee Bird, Diane Massie Redfield,
Dinosaur Bones by Bob Barner,
Yoko's Paper Cranes, Rosemary Wells
Sophie's Masterpiece, Eileen Spinelli,
David L. Harrison,
About Amphibians, Cathryn Sill,
Furaha Means Happy, Ken Wilson-Max

Dinosaur Bones
by William, grade 1

I like the illisrashans. I like to Luern about Dinosaur bones. I like to Luern about siecetiste. A stagsoras has a bran as small as wallnut.

Dinosaur Bones
by Logan, grade 1

I like Dinosaur Bones because I like Dinosaurs. Dinosaurs are Reptiles. I liked the ilusrashins in thebook. Dinosaur Bones is a cool book. I liked the story.


Mrs. Bromley / Mr. Kudlack / Mrs. Niederstadt / Mrs. Sanderson
January 2003 //