Bi-Lingual Tutors Help Youngsters with the Spanish Language

At Onekama School we are fortunate to have hispanic students during the fall month. Many of the older students become helper/ambassadors giving help and information to other students.

Bilingual Tutor
Luis Zamora (picture above)

I have been a Bilingual Tutor for the first quarter of this school year. I have enjoyed working with the little kids, teaching them the alphabet and to learn to speak English. I was very glad I could explain to the teachers what the children that could not speak English were trying to say. I enjoyed taking them on walks and just being there for them.

I remember coming to the United States in 2nd grade, speaking no English. I felt scared and left out. I used to cry and ask for my big brother. But no one could understand what I was asking for. When I see these Spanish speaking little girls in Leaps and Bounds crying and wanting their families or
someone who can speak their language, I remember feeling the same way. That’s the reason why I am so happy I could help them feel more comfortable and less scared.

Onekama Schools has been an important part of my life. I began my USA education here and this is where I first began to learn English. I love Onekama School because everyone is so helpful and friendly. Helping Pricilla, Gali and Vanessa is my way of giving back to Onekama School and to say thank you to the special people who helped me, especially to Ms Chris. She helped me and my family so much!

dia del Morte

Bilingual Aid
Carlos Zamora

I have been a Bilingual Aid for the first 9 weeks of this school year. I was working with kindergartners. I enjoy to work with these kids because they are special and smart. To learn the alphabet and numbers in two languages is hard. I would like to come back next year and teach tem more things.

When I first came to the USA in 8th grade, Onekama was my first school. I felt confused, scared and nervous. I didn’t know what to do because I didn’t speak English. The Food, the country, the school, everything was so different than Mexico. I was happy to help the kids in kindergarten that can not speak English yet. I know how bad they feel. I am glad I can help them to be not so nervous. They are smart, I know that. I want them to learn and they can’t show the teachers how smart they are, but I could help then show the teachers. I was proud to help them get a good first start in school and with their English.

I think Onekama is a good school. The teacher’s help us a lot. I would like to return to Onekama and keep helping the little kids that need to learn their English. I want to say thank you to Onekama School for helping me so much and giving me a good first start with my education and English.