Little Manistee River Weir Tour: We're Ready to Learn About Salmon!

We went to the salmon weir. We saw lots of salmon. We learned the Life cycle of the salmon. The 1st part is the egg. The salmon grows inside the egg. The 2nd part is the baby. It has a little pouch on its belly. It is called a yoke sack. The 3rd part they are called fries. There poch has disaperd. Next they are called smolts. They are almost grown up. That is the Life cycle. ...Mariah.

Salmon came from the sea. Some people said hay let's try to put the salmon in the fresh water. I now that salmon can find there way back to the stream they came from. We saw fish with chunk out of them. There were fish ponds with fish eggs everywhere. Salmon were jumping up this fish ladder. The eggs that are white are duds. That means they wont hatch. ...Randy

When we got to the weir I saw salmon jumping. We saw salmon going up a latre. The D.N.R. poked oxgin into the fish to get the eggs out of the fish. When the eggs came out of the salmon they were orange. The D.N.R. takes a big large net and cachis the salmon. The D.N.R cuts the females and looks at the salmons heart. I saw the salmon jump really high. ...Mikayla

At the weir what we saw was a lot of things like the heart of a fish. The fish heart was still pumping. They cut open the kidney to see if the fish had a disease. So this lady came and put a little stick in the body to test if that fish had the disease. After that we went to a different fish were they got a fee mal and squirted out the eggs. Then they got a mal and squirted the sperm in the bubet. So the eggs in there get fertilised. We got to see coho salmon. We also got to see different ones too. At the end we got some eggs. Then we took them with us. After that we went Stronach park played and ate lunch . Then we came back here and put the eggs in the tank. ...Nathalie

When we got there we saw salmon. They had to cut open the salmon. We got to touch the eggs. We got to watch them. The salmon were jumping. They got polled in by a cage. The people squirted the eggs out . They had to poke a needle in the salmon. We got some eggs from them. ....Chance

I know that salmon retern to the same spot that they hacht to lay there eggs. I know how they git the eggs out of the garle salmon and git the sporm out of the boy salmon. I know they put the steallhad and trout in this cage and they open it and they let them lose. I know they picup the salmon with a big hukc and put them in a tray and cut them open. Than they check tham for a viris. Than they git the eggs from tham . They put the salmon in these crates and ship them to a store. ...Dylan

The writings above are "Type 2" writings. The children were asked to write about their visit to the weir.

Little Manistee River Weir Tour:
We're Ready to Learn!

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Our tank is set up in the classroom following our visit to the weir.