Last Blast

We had to mesher the hole bilding. We had to scetch the bilding. Then we had to make the bilding on the compoter. Then the other class pote it together. Then we gave it to Mrs. McCarthy. ...Samantha, grade 3



Mrs. Catanese bought evryone a white t-shirt. We used fabric paint to put our handprints on the t-shirts. Then we wrote are names next to them. It took a long time to do this. Then Mrs. Catanese ironed on a decal. It said ARCADIA'S LAST BLAST. They were cool. ...Brandon, grade 3

The first thing I did was a sack race. To do the sack race you have half of your team on one side and half on the other. Someone gets in the potato bag and you hop to the other side and give the bag to someone else. You keep doing this until you are done and witch ever team gets done first wins. I thout it was a relly fun day. ...Louise

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