From Sea to Shining Sea
A celebration of our magnificent Great Lakes

The Children's Chorus sang "Cape Cod Chantey" & "America the Beautiful"

The Kindergarten classes sang "Let's go to the Sea", a Guatamalan Folk Song
  Gerald enjoyed being on stage, "I felt really natural up there." He said, "I liked being up high so everyone could see us. It was a lot of fun."
First Graders sang "In the Sea" and danced to "The Acquarium" by Saint-Saens
Second graders sang "Sailing at High Tide"

Onkama's second graders felt the music of "Oronoco Flow"

Third Graders performed two sea chanteys. "Heave Ho Me Ladies!" & "Haul Away Joe!

We did great at the spring sing. I said my part in front of lots of people. So did Katie and Nolan. It was kind of spooky though. I was frozen solid afterwards. We clapped with the audience. Later I had to find my sister. ...Duane, grade 3

Fourth graders sang "Goin' to Boston" and "PeaceLike a River"
Onekama's Principal, Kevin Hughes, thanked the music department directors, Gretchen Eichberger and Cress Schwarz. He urged parents to visit the halls and media center to view the children's art and academic displays.

Fifth Grade Band

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