Here Frank, Nancy, Logan and other classmates are working on their event, "Barge Building".

Everyone is getting ready for Science Olympiad.

At the practice for Science Olympiad my partner was Jaimie. Jaimie and I did structures together. I got 66 pennies in my barge. Jaimie got her airplane in the target a lot of times. I didn't get mine in at all. But it was really fun. …Maeve


Science Olympiad

At the Science Olympiad practice Yumi put 75 and 78 pennies in her boats for the Barge Building event! Nolan made a tower over 7 feet high in the Structure Event. My plane (aerodynamics) almost stayed on the target when it hit it. I still have my plane too! My tower came in second to Nolans. Nolan still has his tower though. I hope we can do it again. ….Duane

When I went to Science Olympia I got a silver medal for Structures. Nathan and I were partners. We got 5 things done. There are the things we did. Structures, Aerodynamics, What Went By?, Pentatholon, and Barge Building. …Yumi

Nolan, Duane, Katie and Ashley hope to enter the Aerodymanics Event. Hope those planes fly!

Jaimie, Maeve, and Nathan are preparing for Science Olympiad. Their event will be Structures.


Science Olympiad practice is great when you're doing it at school. I made a plane for Aerodynamics. It hit the wall instead of the target. Structures is hard believe me because the straws will tumble soon. Science Olympiad has a lot more activities and they rock! …Jaimie

Yumi and I were partners in Science Olympiad. We did What Went by?, Structures, Aerodynamics, Barge Buildingand Pentathalon. We got silver medals! …Nathan


May 2002

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