Onekama Elementary

is committed to helping our students understand the importance of Voluntary Action for the Common Good in a Democratic Society.

Onekama Elementary teachers will be adding a new element to the curriculum. This year each teacher will teach two or more philanthropy units. They will be piloting this program under the guidance of Learning to Give. The Learning to Give group offers us guidance on teaching democratic and philanthropic principles to children, and about systems for passing on the tradition of private citizens working for the common good.

Learning to Give seeks to perpetuate a civil society by:

  • educating children about the independent sector (knowledge),
  • developing behavior and philanthropic experience (skills), and,
  • stimulating private voluntary citizen action for the common good (behavior).

For more information check this website:

Onekama Elementary's Main Page for 2001-2002

  • Kindergarten: (Mrs. Bromley & Mrs. Veryser will be working and Growing as a Group .) See their Web Page and you will know they ARE working well together
  • 1st: Mrs. Jordan: How the Cookie Crumbles & The Cookie Share
  • 1st: Mrs. Niederstadt: The Teacher is Missing
  • 2nd: Mr. Mauntler: Our Playful Community & Citizenship
  • 2nd: Mrs. Furton: Rules for the Common Good . Getting Started
  • 3rd: Mrs. Goins' class is working on A Sweep of the Arcadia Beach. See their Web Page to see how they combined service with learning. Next they will be Building a Mini-Park and Bird Sanctuary. They will work with the same park that the fourth grade has adopted. The third graders will build bird houses that will be put in the fourth grade park. This will connect the third graders to the park this year and be further connected as they continue their park activities (raking & tidying up) in fourth grade.
  • 3rd: Mrs. Catanese's class is working on the unit Philanthropy is everywhere.
  • 4th: Mrs. Bennett & Mrs. Brown are working cooperatively on their philanthropy project. A Day at the Beach. See our philanthropy page / Check our Beach Sweep and Poetry page
  • 5th: Mrs. Eldridge & Mrs. Lyman have done the unit Philanthropy and You. Information about our units is listed at this site.

Onekama School has been involved in a wide variety of service projects. Check this page for more information. Links to each program within our web are given.

Updated:Jan 2002