Oregon Trail Journal: The sudden snow storm surprised us all.

Dear Journal,
I woke late at night. It was cold so I grabbed my extra blanket. Then I went back to sleep. When I woke up the next morning there was snow up to our ankles.
"It's freezing," I complained.
Uncle Bill gave us his blanket and told us to huddle together. I got warmer but I was still cold, so was Ocow. Uncle Bill kept one. We decided to put on all our clothes. We weren't cold then.
Uncle Bill caught a cold. I hope he gets better soon. We wanted to stop but he said, "What's the point. It'll be warmer at Oregon." I hope he is right, because I'm freezing.

Dear Journal,
One day I got up and there was a snowstorm outside. I was cold and scared. It also was weird because it was a sudden change and we weren't ready for it at all. So what we did was put our clothes on and wrapped our selfs with blankets. I hope it won't get worse.

Dear Journal,
One day on the Oregon Trail it was nice and sunny all day. But during the night it was a blizzard. We were so cold! There was not much grass for the oxen to eat. The snow was too deep to travel in. For water we would have to melt the snow. We would have to hope it would melt.
Ryan M.

Dear Journal,
We just got walked out of the wagon. All of a sudden I realized that a dust storm had begun. I woke up Donny, Jake and of course sleep head Luke. I tell them the news and tell them that we will have to hold tight until the storm blows over. Me and Jake ran out of the wagon to tie the wagon to the ground so we don't get blown over. We rush back in and say, "You can't see a thing. The winds are really blowing." I did not expect it to be this bad. We will wait for it to blow over.
Andrew D

Dear Journal,
As we woke up it was snowing hard. As I looked out the wagon's windows, snow was already starting to cave up around the wagon. I woke up my dad to tell him we were starting to cave in. He told us to get our warmest clothes on so we could go clear some of the snow away from the wagon. After a while of digging I told him my hands were cold. But he told me we will only be out there for a little while longer. I told him I couldn't stand it any more. As I took my gloves off I saw I had frost bite. I called my dad over. He told me to go inside and warm my hands up. I was so scared I thought I was going to lose my hands or something.

Dear Diary,
Can you believe it in the middle of June there was a huge snow storm! I got kinda scared because there was snow up to my knees! I had to go get fire wood and I almost got lost!!! It was hard to sleep that night because the oxen kept moaning and because it was freezing. Everyone had to sleep close together to stay warm. Billy Bob Joe had to sleep in the wagon with us because it was so cold out. If he was to sleep underneath then he would have frozen to death. A lot of people died, but nobody from our wagon.

Note: At the end of each day's travels, the overlanders neatly fold and stack their clothing in the wagon bed to be ready for the next day's journey.

This trail garb has been accumulating for several years. If you have "Pioneer Type Clothing" we would appreciate your contribution.

Dear Journal,
We weren't expecting a blizzard, but we got one all the same. I'll Tell ya, it was the first one we had that we had ta sleep in them wagons. I knew they was useful for something other than carrying the furniture. It was so cold, Jim got some buffalo fur for coats to stay warm.

Dear Journal,
Today while we were traveling on the Oregon Trail we saw snow clouds creeping up behind us. We went to go tell a grown-up about the clouds and they told us to get in the wagon and bundle up as a big snow storm is coming. We did what we were told. About five minutes later I looked outside and a huge blizzard started. It was so bad that our driver couldn't see where he was going! We all decided to stop and wait until the blizzard died out. The wind was blowing so hard that we couldn't even start a fire. We weren't even sure if we would make it through the night. But when my family awoke the blizzard had died down but it was still lightly snowing. We were all OK but all we had to worry about was finding food for the oxen!

Dear Journal,
There was a big storm last night. Lightning hit the wagon and it blew up. We were all OK but it was scary. We are happy that no body got hurt.
A bear tried to attack us too. But no body got hurt.

Dear Journal,
A couple weeks ago there was a sudden snow storm in the mountains. It was horrible. In the evening we went to bed just as usual. In the middle of the night Ma woke up trying to shout over the winds.

"Get your warmest clothes on! No, wait put on lots of your clothes in layers. Grab all the extra blankets and huddle close together," said Ma.

By this time my little sister Mary Ann had burst into tears. Ma held her close and tried to quiet her. I couldn't fall back asleep because of the roaring winds. I watched Uncle John try to keep the animals safe, but ther were so rowdy. Uncle John stopped trying and came back inside the wagon.

"We'll never make it through. Even if we do we'll never find some of our livestock. They broke their harnesses and ran off." Said Uncle John.

"All we can do is hope for the best." Ma said.


Dear Journal,
Last night was the worst storm on the whole trip. It felt like 20 degrees. It was so cold. Our oxen were freezing and our supplies froze. It was not a good morning. We got off to a bad start and by noon three people had died. It was the worst day of our trip.

Dear Journal,
We woke up this morning. It was freezing. We had to go into the fort and buy warm clothes. We were praying for heat. My son is so cold he can barely move. My daughters are handling it fine. I made eggs for breakfast.

Some of us stayed in the wagon for heat
My son has a cold. Poor thing drank one gallon of coco. He sneezes a lot. It should be gone in a week. My friend hates the snow. W hope we will get to Oregon safely.
Lucas P.