Author Tim Smith presented his Buck Wilder series to the Onekama Elementary students on March 12.

The Book Spark
Gabe D.

One day a person named Mr. Smith came to school to talk about his Buck Wilder books! He talked about himself and how he became an author!

His guide books were very interesting. As I listened and watched it hit me! He was never a professional author. He just did what a normal person does and bam! His books were famous!

I was sparked to make my own guide books about computers! I am presently brainstorming books and characters! Mr. Smith has really done it! He has opened a whole new destany. I love it!

Tim Smith

Tim smith came to our library and told us about him and his experance. He told us about his books, things in his books, and ideas.

Tim made three books and is going on his forth. He told us not to give up on something that we want.

Buck Wilder

Mr. Wilder is in some books. In fact he's in three books. What I like about them is they're about adventure. Mr. Wilder is really not real. A man by the name of Mr. Smith made him up in his books. In his bos he makes a little challenge for you: he hides little characters for you to find. Also in the books he gives you tips on how to fish, use a boat and go camping. My favorite is fishing.

Buck Wilder
Jake G.

Buck Wilder has inspired me to make my own book called Frank the Chipmunk's Survival Book. I think it will be cool.

Buck Wilder

Today we had an author named Tim Smith come and show us his books. He wrote three so far. There's a fishing one, called Small Fry Fishing Guide, a camping and hiking one called Small Twim Camping and Hiking Guide and a boating guide called Little Skipper Boating Guide. He said that when he published the Small Fry Fishing Guide he didn't think it would be great but it sold 40,000 in the first 4 months! That's a ton.
One time a guy from the Steven Speilsburg company called and asked if he could put Mr. Smith's character Buck Wilder in a cartoon series!
In his last two books he hides a worm named Fuzzy and a hand with three fingers named fingers on every page for you to look for.

Tim Smith also visited the Arcadia Third Grade

Getting Books
Ryan M.

I think Mr. Smith's books are really cool. I like how they are. They are really good to learn. Some of them are really funny. I like the way that he writes in his books. He writes all over the page on the side of the page and where you are supposed to write. I like his books.

Making a Book

Today we had the author of the Buck Wilder Books, Tim Smith, come in and talk about his books.
He said that first he would sketch the pictures and give them to a guy that works for him. Then that guy would color it in and make them come alive. Next he would give it back to Tim and he would do the writing and put it in with the rest of the pages.