Author Tim Smith presented his Buck Wilder series to the Onekama Elementary students on March 12th.

Buck Wilder

Buck Wilder is a cool book. I liked the fisher guide. The author of Buck Wilder is Tim Smith. His presentation was cool and fun. It was funny when he showed us his Tea shirt that had a poop chart.

His books were cool. I liked all three. There was a page where he hid a fuzzy to hard. He also made fuzzy green in the hiking and camping guide. I liked the air craft carier in the boating guide.

His books are all interesting.

Buck Wilder

Tim Smith came to our school to present his three books. He said he just thought of the name Buck Wilder. He didn't use his name because he didn't like the sounds of it. In his three books he had a little white worm named Fuzzy.

Tim Smith's Presentation

I thought Tim Smith's presentation was cool. He told us how he got his first book published. He also told us how he became an author. He told us not to give up.

What interests me about his books is the illustrations. In the fishing guide he shows what the fish looks like. He also shows what lures to use and where to find them.

Buck Wilder

Tim Smith came to are school and presented his books. He told us how he started to wright his books. He showed us his charecters and fishing gear. Tim Smith told us how he invented his characters.

I think his books sound good. I haven't read them. I like that he made fingers and fuzy. Fingers is the three fingers and fuzy is the worm. Gus told me where they were.

Tim Smith was Funny

I think the presentation was good because I like the charecter Buck Wilder. I think Tim Smith was funny. I also think the presentation was good because he explained why he wanted to write his books. He also said just because he is a author it doesn't make him better then anybody else.

I think Mr. Smith's books were good because when the fish were cought they were happy. I also thought his books were good because he had good ilistrations. I thought his books had good information.

Tim Smith

When Tim Smith came to our school he talked about his life. He likes to go fish he says. Also he wore his fishing gear when he talked to us. He had a vest, a hat, and a few more things too. Another thing he said it wasn't very easy, but he kept trying until he got his books published.

I think Tim Smith's books are pretty neat. I liked it how you needed to find Fuzzy the worm and Finger a three fingered hand. Also I like it how he made the animal prints and how you had to find it. Also the poop chart.

Buck Wilder

I thought Tim Smith's books are great. I like to look for Fingers and Fuzzy. Rascale Racoon is one of my favorite characters. Buck's fishing tip are very useful. Buck Wilder is a great character.

I think his book are the best. They have a lot of infermation. I am going to take it with me when I go fishing. The books have very good graphics. I like it how he draw on the edges of the page.


Buck Wilder

I like Tim Smith presentation because he was good and he did not want to be famos. He lives in a normal life. Tim Smith book was fun to see. The pictures are fun to find Fuzzy and Fingers.

I liked the story. I liked to find 3 fingers and fuzzy. It is hard to find 3 fingers. I always find Fuzzy by Buck Wilder.

Tim Smith
Cody R.

Tim Smiths presentation was really facinating he wore a fishing jacket! He made a funny joke about squirrels. He even showed Jon where Fuzzy was . The illustrator was a coloring machine because he did it so well, because he stayed in the lines! Tim became a Author because he practiced, and practiced , and practiced. Plus he told us about his kids.