Vehicle Day at
Onekama School

Elmer's Cement
Eipperle Sales
Onekama Marine
Rocking R Ranch
M & A Builders
Onekama Fire Department
West Shore Ambulance
State Police
Sheriff Patrol

On June 12th the kindergarten, first, fourth, and fifth grade went into the school parking lot and saw some vehicles from different places. My personal favorite was the Rockin’ R Ranch carriage. In the carriage the seats were cushioned and it had a top for shade. It had one little window for people to peek out from. If you were in the driver's seat you would, unfortunately, not be in any shade at all, but you would be in a higher seat than anybody else in the carriage. I really enjoyed it. ...Mary

Dear state Policemen,
Thank you for coming in. I thought your car was very cool. …Stuart

I liked Vehicle Day because we were able to go in vehicles. I especially liked the Buggy from Rocking R Ranch. It was very cool in the buggy because there was shade and air going threw. The reasons there are no horses are because the horses did not want to stand for two hours in the hot sun. The seats inside the buggy were very comfortable except if you sat on them too long in shorts your legs would stick to the seat because it was so warm out. …Julie S.

Mr. Bromley brought his boat to show us for vehicle day. It was really big and cool. The down stairs has two places you can sleep and two places you can eat. The boat was blue and white. It was my favorite vehicle there. There was also two polices cars, a tractor, three fire trucks, an ambulance, and a carriage …Artisha

"To Rocking R,
Thank you for coming to our Vehicle Day.
PS I love the carriage.
Madalyn" ...grade 1

"Thank you for coming to our school M & A Builders."
...Kayla, grade 1

"Thank you for coming our vehicle Day at our school. I like the Ambulance." Mikayla, grade 1

Thank you for coming to vehicle day. I had fun looking at the fire truck. The gear was cool. I learned a lot about the gear and radios. Thank you. …Zach

Another cool thing at vehicle day was the Marine boat that they brought in. The boat had a little table at which you could eat at and if you went downstairs there was a kitchen and another table. It also had two bedrooms downstairs. It was quite warm in one of the bedrooms because it had no window to open. The other bedroom was quite cool because it had a window. …Mary

The Rockin R carriage was CooL. ... grade 1

Young Fives enjoy their day. See their Web page

Young 5's

June 11, 2001