"What I liked about Field Day is the parachute game." Hobie, grade 1

Onekama Elementary
Annual Field Day

June 8, 2001

"It war really hard to run in the flippers." ...Alex, Young Fives

"I liked the croquet it was fun to roll the ball in the hoop" ...Louise, grade 1

"I had fun at Field Day. My favorite thing was the Buddy Boards. I can't wait until next year comes." ...Raymond, grade 4

"Field day was a lot of fun. Our class didn't get to all the stations. The a lady came and put dye in our hair." ...Brenna, Grade 4

Thank you Onekama Lions for providing your all the food for our Annual Field Day

Thank you for providing food for us on Field Day. Running around on a hot day like that, you wouldn’t survive without a drink or food. Your Popcorn was very, very good. I have to guess that your hot dogs were good like all of the food you make because I didn’t have a hot dog. I think that we would have a very hard time surviving with out you on field day, because like I said before, it was really hot. So I thank you again Lions Club for providing food ….Nathan, grade 5

"I got 7 bottles down!"...John Michael, Young Fives

Dear Lions Club, Thank you for bringing food for field day. I thought your hot dogs, popcorn, and pop was really good. All of you guys were really nice to come in and serve all of us kids. I would also like to thank you for paying for the food. …Sarah, grade 5

Dear Lions Club, Thank-you for helping out on field day. The food was really good, and I liked it a lot. It was nice of you to come to field day and help. I had lots of fun playing the games. The game that I liked the most was the foot ball throw. The second thing that I liked was the track.

I got thirsty really fast because playing all them games can make you thirsty. I am glad you brought drinks. This is a picture of my class. Your drink wagon is in the back of the picture. …Patty, grade 5

"I like the food because the hot dogs were good. ...Brandon, grade 1

"Lions there was the goodest food I ever ate." ...Alicia, grade 1

"Thank you Lion club for the hotdogs and the drinks." ...Tanner, grade 1

"I liked field day because I had fun doing all the fun stuff like tuf a war, board walk, frisbee taws, and running laps." Gabe, grade 4

"To Mrs. Zajac,
I bet theta it was hard to put all of theos games for all of theos class."
From Meli, grade 1

"Thank you PTO for helping us." ...Dylan, grade 1

" I think field day was really fun. My favorite part was when I splattered water all over Mrs. Brown. The tog of war was fine but it would have been better if we had water. Everyone had a great time when we went to the track and ran a couple of laps and got are hair spray painted green and orange." Kayleigh, grade 4

"I liked when we dig in sand for pennies." ..Erin, grade 1

"My favorite station was crab soccer. I like it because I like soccer. I also liked it when we ate at the trailer. I was hungry after we did all those games. After we ate we had a tug-a-war. Our team lost but it was a lot of fun!" ...Lucie, grade 4

"I had a lot of fun because we got to have our hair dyed." ...Drew, grade 4

Thank you for setting up for field day for us. The game I liked the best was where you had to dress up as a football player. The food was really good. The tug a war was lots of fun. But the other class won. We lost. Here’s a picture of us pulling. I’m the third one in the front. …Ashlee, grade 5

 Thank you, PTO &
Parents for provided
Field Day

Tug of War

I'm glad we got a field day. My favorite game was crab soccer even though it hurt my wrists. The teams tied on the game. The score was 3 to 3. Another game I liked was the frisbee toss. Mallory was my partner. We caught the frisbee 82 times. It was really fun.
Something we did at the end was we played tug-a-war. Our class won. I think we won because Mr. Finan said drop the rope. A while after he said hat he said to pick the rope up and pull, but most of the kids in the other class didn't pick up the rope. I also think we won because we have more kids in our class. ...Anna, grade 4