"Spreading Christmas Cheer" by Megan McCarthy

Sixth grade Advisory students have selected for their monthly service learning project to help senior citizens in our community. In the fall, students raked leaves and planted bulbs around town. As the weather has turned colder, we have turned our attention to helping our senior friends prepare for the holidays.

In December, we were fortunate to have some help with our project from Mrs. Bea Wendt and Mrs. Terri Rutowski. Mrs. Wendt and Mrs. Rutowski came to school to teach the students how to make Christmas wreaths. Students learned how to gather the greens and then use a machine to attach the greens to a wire frame. Then, students decorated the wreaths with berries, ribbon, and baby’s breath.

The result was some beautiful wreaths, made with love, that we delivered to the seniors we have been serving. Students were excited to learn the process of wreath making, and to know that their efforts will help sread Christmas cheer in our community.

We are extremely grateful to Bea Wendt and Terry Rutowski for lending us their time and their expertise. You have helped us to make a difference in our community!

"Spreading Christmas Cheer"