100 Days of School

After several ties for the 100th day of school--it finally was the day! February 13th began with everyone entering through the !00 hands greeting us in the morning.

The Young Fives, the Kindergarten, and the First Grade classes gathered in the hall to sing a song celebrating this special day.

Each classroom had a special activity using 100 as a theme. Mrs. Bromley helped making vests. Mr. K had 100 hearts for us to work with.

In Mrs. N's room special glasses were made. And Mrs. Veryser helped to stamp 100 bugs!

In Mrs. Jordan's room the question "How long will the line be for 100 pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters be?" was a challenge. First students estimated and then the coins were laid out on yard sticks to see how close the estimate was.

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