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The Empty Bowl Project
by Kelly K, grade 4

At our school we do an Empty Bowl Project every year. In Art Class Ms. Woolman helps us with our bowls. First Ms. Woolman will give us a ball of clay. Then we make half of the clay into a pinch pot. Then with the other half we can make a foot. Or we can put corails on top of our pot. This year I put a handle on mine.

Our pots were sold at the Empty Bowl Dinner. The Empty Bowl Dinner is when you pay to have dinner. After you eat you can take a bowl to keep. The money we make from the dinner goes to the Tsunami Relief. I went to the dinner and got my own bowl.

National Honor Society members Jessica, Ashley, and MaryLynn are in charge of the desert table. The NHS and Art Department have been involved in the Empty Bowl Project since 1999.

The Empty Bowl Project
by Curtis M., grade 4

Our school has an Empty Bawl Project. In art class we make a bowl out of clay. Then we glaze the bowl and in a way we cook them in a kiln. We are doing this for the Tsunami Relief. After we cook them we sell them at the lunch room We sold soup and then you could get a bowl. I like the project and I think it is a good way to practice common good.

The Empty Bowl Project
by Emalee S., grade 4

The empty bowl project is when Ms. Woolman helps our class make bowls for the empty bowl dinner. The empty bowl dinner is when we make the bowls for the dinner and we raise money for a charity. Making the bowls with Ms. Woolman was a lot of fun. We got to make our bowl in any shape we want. First we got some clay that was in a shape of a rectangle. We split the clay into two pieces. We took the big ball and put our thumb in it and pressed. After all that we put glaze on it. Ms Woolman put it in the kiln. The last thing we did was we looked at them and put them in a box to go to the empty bowl dinner.

The Empty Bowl Project
by Amy K., grade 4

My school does an empty bowl project. An empty bowl project is when the Onekama School makes pinch pots. Pinch pots are clay pots and we pinch the clay to make a pot. We do it in art. When we are done with the clay part we put it in a kiln to harden the clay. Then we glaze the pot. After we are done we have an empty bowl dinner and we earn money. We give the money to the Tsunami Relief Fund.

The Empty Bowl Project
by Zac D., grade 5

Making the bowls was fun. Being able to help people and have fun at the same time is a lot of fun and it makes you feel good too. Glazing them was fun too. What happened with the tsunami was horrible so that's why people should come together, work together and help the poor people who were hurt in the tsunami.

The Empty Bowl Project
by Cody G., grade 5

Onekama School does the Empty Bowl Dinner. To make the bowls we first get clay. Then we break a piece of clay off. We then roll them into balls. With the big piece of clay we stick our thumbs three quarters into the clay. Then we start to pinch the clay with our thumbs in a circular motion. When you get your bowl the way you like it you take your small chunk of clay and make a foot for it. When your done you glaze it and fire it. We try to sell them. All the profit we make we'll give to the Tsunami Relief Fund.

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The money always goes to something good like helping people with cancer. Money always comes in handy. The money goes for a good cause. This year they're raising money for the tsunami. ...Shamika, grade 5

Our school made Empty Bowls. Making the bowls was for a good reason. The money is going to the Tsunami Relief. Our art teacher, Ms. Woolman helped us make the bowls and glaze them. Then she put them in the kiln so they would shine. After they are set on the table in the lunch room, we can go buy them. ...Emily B., grade 4

MaryLynn Bradford, NHS President & Ryan Brown, Student Council President were pleased to present Shannon Shull of the Red Cross a check for $775.

The profit we made was sent to Tsunami Relief. I think it was a good idea. ...Bryce, grade 4

I enjoyed making bowls. First I separated my clay into two balls. Then I used one for shaping out the bowl. I used the other for the top. Then I waited for the bowl to dry. ...Jenafae, grade 4

When the bowls come out of the kiln the bowls feel really smooth. Mrs. Woolman taught us how to make our bowls. ...Austin G., grade 4

Onekama Elementary is my school We do the Empty Bowl Dinner. At the Empty Bowl Dinner we donate our bowls that me made then people come the night of the dinner and buy bowls and have dinner. After all the bowls have been sold we donate the money to the tsunami. ...Katie J.

Our school does the empty bowl dinner. All the profit goes to the Tsunami Relief Group. If you went to the empty bowl dinner you could get your bowl for $3, or you could donate more money. ...Lisa C., grade 5

Ms. Woolman was a great teacher in all of this. She would always be there to help when we made our bowls. ...Jaylee, grade 5

I loved the way mine turned out. You have to paint the bowl with stuff called glaze. I had violet glaze, dark blue glaze and medium blue glaze. It made me feel really good when I though I made this bowl. I really enjoyed this project and look forward to doing it again. ...Lindsay, grade 5

My family went and paid to go to the Empty Bowl Dinner. The money goes to Tsunami Relief. I didn't get my bowl. I got someone else's. The bowl I got looked like a hand. It was black. ...Jacob B., grade 4

The other day our school held an empty bowl dinner. Our class made some of the bowls. The one that I made was small. It had little stubby legs to held it up. One kid in my class made a person's leg on his. I painted my bowl red and white and weird colored purple. ...Quinn M., grade 4

I had a blue bowl. The inside was supposed to be light blue and the outside was supposed to be dark blue but it turned out one solid color blue. The whole school made bowls, even the preschoolers. I loved making the bowls. ...Madalyn, grade 5

We did pinch pots to raise money for Tsunami Relief. I had a fun time making the pinch pots. The soup was great that we had at the dinner. We have done this for a long time. The whole school does this. Even young fives to high school. ...Danielle W., grade 5

Empty bowl dinner is when you make bowls for the people. And its when you give your bowl so they can buy the bowls. And you can have some soup. After you can watch a basketball game. ...Hunter W., grade 4

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