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Onekama High School Class of 1998

Graduation 1998

Girls' Basketball Team Reaches Semi-Finals in 1997

Matt LaDuke: Added 10/04
matt_laduke@yahoo.com Hey all, after graduating from GVSU, I ski bummed in Utah for a couple years. I've had quite a few adventures tromping about the west. Now I've given up my nomadic ways and am working as a software technician in Vail, Colorado. I've got a page with some photos of places I've been. If anyone finds themselves out west, I highly recommend southern Utah and Zion national park. Or if you're in Colorado, drop me a line! I have photos at:

Dario Arnold / Photograph darioarnold@hotmail.com

Jacob Cain cj585102@webmail.hope.edu

Erynn Carter cartere1@pilot.msu.edu

Lindsay Carter carterl9@pilot.msu.edu

Reggie Gebo: Avatar00@charter.net Added 5/04

Shaunel Maleski shaunelmaleski@yahoo.com or you can find me on facebook New 7/13



Julia Graham juliamgraham@hotmail.com  / missjuliagraham@gmail.com
Added 3/08
"Hi guys!  After graduating from GVSU with a degree in music performance (surprising, I know), I took some time off to decide what would come next.  Turns out that teaching is where I want to be!  I also decided that I wanted to be employed ....   In December 2007 I finished my Music Education degree and am certified to teach K-12 music.  Currently I am a long term substitute in Allendale, MI teaching grades DK-4.  I love it!  In January I will begin a Master's of Science in Psychology degree .... I don't think I'll ever stop going to school!!  Hope to see you all at the reunion this summer!!!!!"

Sara Greve grevesar@pilot.msu.edu

Melissa Hilliard / melishell69@hotmail.com

Roxane Hudson: Hi everyone! I have a new email address: roxanehudson@excite.com I just graduated from Grand Valley in April after finishing up five long years and my Masters in Accounting degree. My interests have taken me southward away from the snow and I'm moving to Atlanta, Georgia in late July. I'll be working for Deloitte and Touche LLP, and starting on Aug 11th. Don't worry, I'll try not to make the headlines in another Enron debacle! I'll be in the area until that point in time however. I wish everyone the best with all of their endeavors and never hesitate to drop me a line! June 2003

Sarah Johnson sajohnso@umich.edu

Jason Manke / jpmank@yahoo.com

Matt Mrozinski mrozinski19@hotmail.com New 4/03

Nichole Newland newlandn@pilot.msu.edu

Jeremy Kott jeremy.kott@us.army.mil Dec. 2005

Scott O'Herron stoherro@mtu.edu

T.J.Wolfe / HomePage
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Anne Scattolin ascattolin@hotmail.com

Anthony Irwin writes, "I'm stationed on a ship out of San Diego called the USS Mobile Bay, and we are currently going home from almost 8 months in the Persian Gulf.." Added 4/03

Cory Wagoner New e-mail 9/07 me_and_who79@yahoo.com


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