Onekama High School Class of 1996

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Angela Allen Gauthier : Updated March 06 Well, what do ya know! I did make it out of this small town! lol Troy and I split! Yeah unbelievable huh? 12 years! I have a new baby, new man, new life! Troy and I have 3 little girls now: Xana 7, Nayleigh 2, and Adrianna 1. They keep us busy!
I've been living in Battle Creek w/ my Boyfriend, Charlie.... I know, still Michigan.....but that's a little more glamorous then Bear Lake don't ya think?! lol So I thought I should update my profile! Love to hear from any of ya's!
Only 4 posted? whats wrong with ya all? Any ways yeah! Hope everyones doing well! Angela's
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Robbie Bradford: After graduation I completed an Associate of Applied Arts & Science in Corrections from WSCC graduating into the Phi Theta Kappa National Honor Society.  I hired into the Department of Corrections in Sept. 2000 assigned to Pugsley Correctional in Kingsley.  In Jan. 2006 I promoted to Sergeant and was reassigned to Deerfield Correctional--Ionia Complex.  I have just finished a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice (Summa Cum Laude) at Kaplan University.  I also just completed one of several reassignments to Lansing training new recruits graduating a platoon of 40 new officers...the Department keeps me busy.  I am also active with the Emergency Response Team for the complex.  I travel to Bear Lake often as I still have a residence there and also volunteer for the 4H program through the Manistee County MSU Extension Office and soon the Ionia Office as well.  Photos My email address is New Aug. 06

Erin Kahl: Erin lives in Chicago and is working for an independent book publisher as an editor.

Matt Kmiecik lives in Ludington with wife Michelle and son Zechariah Matthew. He works for Union Local 174-Plumbers and pipefitters.
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Laura Yzenbaard: New Sept. 06 Hey everyone!  I graduated from CMU with a BAA in Outdoor and Environmental Parks and Rec. So many things have changed.  I left my great job in Florida (ahhh-very scary, but I hated it there) and Issac and I did not go to Alaska.  We were bummed that it didn't work out but that's ok, because now we are in Michigan by our friends and family.  We moved to Kalamazoo in July and hopefully will be settling in this area.  Right now, I am working for the Portage City Parks, but am looking for something more challenging. 
We have also moved up our wedding date and will be getting married on November 4, 2006.  We are both very excited and looking forward to it. 
I forgot how cold it was up here.  It will take some time getting used to it, but at least we will have snow for Christmas.  It just isn't the same without snow.  Anyway, I would love to hear from anyone.  My e-mail address is:  Also, here is our engagement picture and our awesome dog, Sadie.  Laura Yzenbaard


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