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Here’s a picture of Eowyn pumpkin picking last weekend. She’s 5 ˝ months now.   ...Dana
Added 10-17-07   

Hi—I thought I’d give an update on life here in Ann Arbor. On May 1st we welcomed Eowyn Lisl Sutton Bund into our lives.  I didn’t know how much fun parenthood would be!  The theatre is going strong and I am still at my job so the struggle to keep everything in balance is ongoing but there’s never a dull moment!   ~Dana Sutton

Hello everyone!  Here is an updated email address and picture of my 3 beautiful children.  Courtney 11, Connor, 3, and Aubry 8 1/2 months. ~Christina (Milarch) LeSarge

Mark LeSarge - Class of 1990

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Scott and Mary Allen

Scott married Mary Allen (Thompson) and is living in Ann Arbor. Matt Miller was the best man.

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