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Onekama High School Class of 1984

Class of 1984 --25 Year Reunion

"Hi everyone!   We are trying to co-ordinate our 25 year class reunion for the 4th of July weekend in Onekama in 2009.  Please contact me with your mailing address to send you details of this event.   Or email us at:  rockin_ratfinks@comcast.net  .    Dave & Melissa (Falk) Fink, 1573 Garrisonville Rd., Stafford, VA  22556.   540-752-0537. "  Added Jan. 1, 2009

Dave Fink & Melissa (Falk) Fink:
 rockin_ratfinks@comcast.net Jan.09

Doug Howes 206-706-5192
"I'm living in Seattle working as a general contractor. I spend my leisure time hiking, camping & Kayaking in the Pacific Northwest."

Todd Jacobs married Bobbi Jakubik. Son: Joshua
6188 River Road
Manistee, MI 49660


Michelle (Jakubik) Revolt:
Daughter: Sherece
7419 Ellen Road
Onekama, MI 49675

Anne Schimke New Info. 7/8/09 anne.schimke@hotmail.com  and my address is 2573 Yucca Ave, Ainsworth, IA 52201.

Gary Steadman: New address grystd@cox.net
Bellevue, Ne 68147

Dave Smith lives in Stuttgart, Germany.  E-mail is dcsmith20@hotmail.com    Do not
hesitate to contact him and if you are ever in Germany, let him know and he will
meet you for a beer. (photo below)

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