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25th Class Reunion
Pictures from the Homecoming game

Onekama High School
Class of 1977


Rhonda (Hickok) Dafoe 1977 Graduate
Hi, I'm back. Like so many others that have moved away, then came back to live. I went from Minneapolis to New Jersey and back again to the Manistee area. I live in Fountain with my husband of 5years, Jim, our 2 dogs and 2 cats. My son Jason Tighe is 24 years old now and a father of a beautiful 7 mo old daughter, Carleigh Corrigan Tighe. I guess that makes me a Grandma! I work at Manistee County Central Dispatch/911 and really love it, most of the time. I still love horses, but share a new passion/hobby with my husband. Sailing. We have a boat that we keep on Portage Lake in the summer and still enjoy the area year round. If anyone would like to get together and start planning a class reunion, please contact me,

Debra Irvine (now Kloss) I have been living in California since 1979. I spent several years in Santa Cruz where I worked on various environmental campaigns: Nuclear Weapons Freeze, American Indian Movement (AIM) and Greenpeace USA. I then headed to Sacramento where I joined the Capitol office of Assemblyman Tom Hayden. I met my husband Jawn (of 18 years), who at the time was working for then State Senator Diane Watson. Shortly after, I became the Director of the Sacramento Greenpeace office. I studied at CSUS simultaneously. After getting a BA in Political Science, Jawn and I moved to England to work on our Master's Degrees. I attended the University of Middlesex in London. Jawn was in Brighton at the University of Sussex. I earned a Master's of Environmental Policy. When we returned Jawn began a long career of teaching Sociolgy at a local Community College and political cartooning (as well as drawing a nationally syndicated Sunday Funny) I opened an antique store. I traveled the globe looking for old treasures and became an authority on antique French perfume bottles. Just over two years ago, I decided to return to my chosen field. I accepted a job with the California Environmental Protection Agency. I am a "legislative and regulatory specialist" in the field of pesticide regulation and enforcement. Jawn and I live in an "alternative" community. There was an article about us in Time magazine three years ago. It is called "Co-housing". We were the fifth such community in this country. There are now over 100. I never had children, but I have four lovely cats. I practice Yoga and love organic gardening. The quintessential Californian. I am very happy. I would love to hear from former classmates.
work email:


Gwen Juergens Smith Still married to Jim Smith and celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary 11-3-04. For those friends of mine that remember the story of how he said he would some day get me a ring that was so big i would have to drag my hand behind me...well...He gave me that ring on our 25th anniversary!

My oldest son, Robert will be married to Rachel Beldo of Manistee for 2 years come 1-06 and they are expecting their first child Christmas eve of '05! Bob received his degree from LSSU 1-05. Guess I am a granny now.

Jamie has transferred to Baker in Muskegan and is in their Physical Therapy school. My youngest, Christopher graduated from OHS '05 and is attending WSCC pursuing a degree in law enforcement. We still live on our farm on Kerry rd. and have been there 22 years now.

I would love to hear from all of you!

Jeff Anderson

Lisa (Gallagher) Sattler:

Karen (Wagoner) Brant New e-mail Feb. 2010

Jerry Brown:

Brad Whittum New Aug.2010

Dennis Boots writes, "I'm a Special Agent for the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and my wife Jennifer, my daughter Jenamarie (12 years old) and I are currently living in Virginia.  After living in Oregon, Bolivia, Colombia and North Carolina over the past 17 years we have decided to settle down and remain in Virginia until our daughter graduates from school.  We have enjoyed traveling over the years but feel it is time to allow our daughter the ability to put down some roots and make a few friends.   I still travel from time to time outside the U.S. providing instruction to our Foreign Counterparts in South America.  I can be reached at the following e-mail address;   (The D in Dennis must be capitalized as does the M and B in Boots)"
New May 2007

Chris Ray

Lynn Holman Chambers writes, "I have been living and teaching school in Ft. Myers Florida since 1982. I have one son, 4 years old, named Nicholas. We spend summers and Christmas vacations here in Onekama."

Darla Carlson-McCrumb writes, "I'm a Business/Computer teacher at Bangor High School. My husband Ron and I traveled to China this past summer to adopt a 5 year old girl. Diana is in kindergarten and doing great." New e-mail address March 06:

Deceased Classmates:

  • Dennis Gauthier
  • Tom Zielinski
  • Lilia Peek
  • Julie Cabot-Coopshaw
  • James Mattison 9-5-05

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