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Onekama High School
Class of 1952
Dean Hagadone "I would be interested in hearing from classmates. I retired from GM in 1987. It was a early out. I worked part time for about eight years. I now am fully retired. I was married for 39 years to Elaine Kott of Manistee and we have five children with two grand children. My wife passed away suddenly July 1997." dhagadone@juno.com Catherine (Kitty) Hagan: cfstephens@iquest.net
I would be interested in hearing from the Class of 1952, even though I didn't graduate with you. I came to Onekama H.S. as a Sophomore, was a cheerleader with my sister, Nora and cousin Sally, then had to return to Indianapolis, IN, and was so miserable in my school there that I dropped out. I took my Junior year over, and graduated with the Class of 1953. We're having our 50th Reunion next year!

After graduation, I married the Onekama HS basketball coach, Ronald Garber, and moved back to Indiana, where my husband died during our first year of marriage of heart disease, leaving me with a 2-month-old daughter, Linda Jeanine, who also became a school teacher. I have three children, Lori Maureen, and two boys, Peter Michael and Patrick Sean from my second marriage and none from my third, both of which ended in divorce. I now have eight grandchildren and an adorable 3-year-old great-grandson, who lives with me. I attended Ball State University while my children were young and graduated with a BS in Education, (English Major and History Minor), and a Masters Degree in World Literature. (Not too bad for a "drop-out" I guess) I did most of my teaching experience in Hagerstown, IN. I am retired and spend most of my time on Ebay, working on my Family Tree, and trying to write a play...when I'm not running after a toddler!

Right now I have a project trying to find out as much as I can about the digging of the Channel that connects Portage Lake with Lake Michigan. This was in the 1870's. I'd like to know how they accomplished that feat, and the names of the participants. Perhaps you are descendants of the actual diggers. That would be great! I'm planning to contact the Manistee Historical Museum and Onekama School System asap, so if anyone has any information where I might find more material, I would appreciate hearing about it.

I've always had an abiding love for Onekama that just increases with the years. I spent the happiest years of my life there among the friendliest people in the world. My email address is: cfstephens@iquest.net