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Onekama High School
Class of 2000

Class of 2000 Graduation Album

Gabriel Acker  update Sept. 09 gabrielacker@yahoo.com

Zane Story e-mail:
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Lucas Balmer e-mail: lbalmer [at] hotmail.com

Jenny Carpenter e-mail: carpe130 [at] msu.edu

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Mirjam Hartmann, German exchange student: My German e-mail: hartmaenner [at] bluewin.de

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Marisela Garcia, I only went to Onekama for 2 months each year starting when I was 8. e-mail: lababy01 [at] hotmail.com

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Amy Wolfe,  Various academic and personal pursuits have bounced Amy across several continents in the last few years. Currently, she stages her adventures from wild and rural North Dakota, and sometimes works as a freelance writer to pay for them.  amywolfe@hotmail.com
Updated May 09

Jill Wagar e-mail: hoochie01 [at] hotmail.com

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Jennifer Werts e-mail:
I just thought I'd write and update everybody on what's been going on with me. In April I graduated from Grand Valley with a BA in Writing. In September I'll be heading over to Cork, Ireland to complete an MA in English (Irish Writing: Theories and Traditions) at University College Cork.
It seems unreal to me that it's been four years already since we graduated. I've gotten to talk to a few of my fellow classmates and it seems that they are doing well. I'm really proud of the progress we've all made in the last four years, and I hope that those I haven't seen in awhile are doing well!
Take care. Go OHS!
Jen Werts

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