Gloria's dog was very well behaved.

Participating in the "Blessing of the Animals and Farm Olympics" at Circle Rocking S Children's Farm was a wonderful opportunity for the LakeShore Special Arts Choir. Besides the chance to sing, the choir saw llamas, dogs, geese, horses, and many other pets. Several choir members brought their pets to have them blessed.

Patty was concerned that her cat, Flicka, might just run away if she left her carrier.

Susie loved the llamas and enjoyed receiving a toy camel as a gift.

The Audience gathered, with their pets, inside the barn while the rain beat down on the roof. The prayer for clear skies must have worked because the sun came out full force for the pet games and competitions. Thank you Nancy Supran, for finding such wonderful events for the choir.

Rocking S provides touch therapy and recreation to traumatized and terminally ill children, free of charge. Operations at the nonprofit farm cost more than $3,000 a year. Through sponsorship from around the area, the farm is able to serve children in need. Businesses and individuals are encouraged to donate toward this worthwhile enterprise.

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